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Norwood, CO


Jackson grew up in Southern California mostly on the coast and was encouraged to 'make things' from an early age. The desire to create Art grew steadily until, after a stint in the U.S. Army, it burst forth in a desire to go back to school, find out what it was all about, and teach and encourage others to do what they didn't think they could do but wanted to. A few years later, having graduated with a degree in Ceramics and another in Art Education, having shown sculptural pottery and clay sculpture at the Los Angeles Museum of Art & Science, Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, and the Laguna Beach Art Museum, Jackson could be found teaching Art, Ceramics, and English to High School Students in Santa Ana, Ca. Showing at the Sawdust and teaching was a full load for the next 4 years.

Moving to SW Colorado near the ski resort of Telluride to raise a family, he ended up teaching Art K-12 for another 21 years. After retiring to his former part time job of remodeling houses, but mostly kitchens and baths, Jackson was plagued with finger and thumb cracks, so over 3 years he developed an all natural remedy for that malady, CrackZapIt!, which can be seen on www.zapfingercracks.com as well as on CrackZapIt! Skin Care Therapy's Facebook page.

But something was missing. Art? Yes!...but also an addiction to teaching, which has been fulfilled by offering watercolor classes in local communities as well as being elected to the local school board in 2013. Plans to make more 'things' (boats? cars? airplanes?), pursue expressive and intensely colorful watercolor painting, teach others to realize and pursue their goals, and devotion to children's education are all stoking Jackson's personal fires, those originally set by the Creator of creation itself.



Hanging Ace #1 by Jackson Ordean


Hanging Red Ace #2 by Jackson Ordean


Let's go surfin', Red by Jackson Ordean


Charlie and Bella's Ride by Jackson Ordean


Redemption Ilwaco WA by Jackson Ordean


Christo's Boat by Jackson Ordean


Ilwaco Orange by Jackson Ordean


Ilwaco Parti-Color by Jackson Ordean


Ilwaco Loose by Jackson Ordean


DawnBeachShaping by Jackson Ordean


High Frequency Vibrations by Jackson Ordean


Country Surf Shop by Jackson Ordean


Moonlit Beach Shack by Jackson Ordean


Lets Go Surfin by Jackson Ordean


Aliso Circle '50 by Jackson Ordean


Lone Cone Dog Walk by Jackson Ordean


Purple Lone Cone Ranch by Jackson Ordean


Country Livin' by Jackson Ordean


Rainbow Lone Cone Dinner by Jackson Ordean


Bridal Veil Falls by Jackson Ordean


Portrait of the Artist by Jackson Ordean